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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

How To Bake A Cupcake Raleigh

By Sonya Riley

Baking cupcakes has been a really interesting hobby for a lot of people because one can eat it right after he actually bakes it. Now cupcakes are among some of the easiest things to bake and does not even take that much knowledge at all. Now if one does not know about baking and would like to make a cupcake Raleigh, then all he has to do is follow these steps.

Now the first step to baking just about anything would be to make sure that the oven is preheated first because it will be used later on. Now one should preheat the oven at around 170 degrees Celsius so that it will be hot enough to be able to hold the cupcakes. When the oven is being preheated, then one may start with the other parts of the process.

Now he has to have a number of ingredients already there when he starts preheating. He will be needing sugar, salt, a box of flour, a little bit of vanilla extract, and of course also a box of baking powder. Now the main thing to do here would be to create the batter by putting together all of these ingredients and using the mix later on.

After gathering all the things that are needed for the baking process, one can now grab a bowl and put all of those ingredients in it. Once all of the things have been put inside, then one has to beat all the ingredients together for a minute. One has to make sure that all of the ingredients that are in the bowl are mixed together really well.

Take out at least two big eggs and dump them also into the bowl along with the mix. Continue the beating for about two or three minutes until the eggs are mixed together with the other ingredients. Once they are all mixed together well, then one may now move on to the next step.

From here, take out the tray and a bunch of cupcake liners that can be bought at a cake shop. Lay out the liners on the tray and then grab the bowl that was put aside a while ago. Now start filling up these liners but always make sure that the liners are not full up to the rim because the mix will be expanding later and might just become too big.

The last step here would be to now place the tray into the oven so that the baking can start. So pick up the tray, set the timer to twenty minutes, and place the tray inside. Always remember to be very careful because the oven is very hot.

When the cupcakes have already been baked, then now one can actually decorate them with sprinkles or chocolate chips. He may make a special cupcake Raleigh that is very colorful or he may make a simple one. This will just be determined by the creativity of the baker.

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