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Friday, September 20, 2013

How Maintenance Is Brought Into Video Games & Organic Farming

By Rob Sutter

"Animal Crossing: New Leaf" is easily one of those games that I am looking to get into in the future. The series is one that may be different to some because of how it focuses on living life as opposed to most other typical goals associated with games. Life simulators are not the types of titles that I frequent but it seems like this one has grabbed my attention better than most others. Organic farming takes a great deal of work and it's something that I can correlate with such games, too.

Animal Crossing is the type of series that basically begins the same, no matter which title you play. You start off in a new town, ready to make a living on your own. This means that you have to work in order to pay off a mortgage on your house in order to buy a new one, all the while interacting with your neighbors. It sounds like a simple concept on the surface but you can be certain that the quality of this life will make certain that matters never become boring.

You have to make sure that the town is pristine as well, which can be difficult when you consider how much nature can impact the scene. Keep in mind that, as a life simulator, it moves in real time, which means that progression is the same. This means that if you don't play regularly, it's possible that your town will become infested with weeds which have to be taken care of. If the town isn't properly maintained, it's also possible that neighbors will move out.

I believe that this level of work can also be attributed to the act of organic farming, too. This time, though, there's a certain level of work to maintain when you're appealing to consumers. They will come to your market in order to buy products and you do not want the quality of them to drop to any degrees. This is the mindset which is kept, especially for those who have decided to invest themselves in networks for farmers and customers alike, Colle Farmers Market included amongst them.

There have also been a number of other games that have played with the idea of organic farming, or farming in general. The Harvest Moon series mostly takes place on a farm and you have to be able to grow plants, take care of livestock, and what have you. However, these are games and while they don't have much bearing on reality, they can be something of a window someone has built. They look at a line of work in a different way, which is something I can't help but revere.

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