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Thursday, September 19, 2013

How Aspects Of Olive Oil May Be Tampered

By Rob Sutter

Organic items should not be altered, in my opinion, even though it's done on a repeated basis. There are few ways for these items to retain freshness and nutrition so while I understand the need to keep these properties at high levels, I think that manmade substance have no places there. Aspects of olive oil are no different, especially when it's a natural product to start off with. I have to wonder, though, why there is this need to play around with the authentic nature of it.

As far as the specific type of oil is concerned, I'd like to refer to the extra virgin variety. My focus is deeply rooted in this subject because it is, without question, the purest item worth talking about. You can be certain that any chemical imperfection is not going to be seen. It's an all-natural kind of substance, which makes matters especially concerning for oil aficionados when you learn about the idea of it being altered in manmade ways, the organic properties being lost.

It appears as though this oil is not exactly the most prevalent in the world due to a shortage. An article on NBC News talked about this and it was later learned that some restaurants were taking it upon themselves to take the aspects of olive oil and seemingly dilute them by mixing them with other oil, sunflower and soybean to name a couple. I don't know how much help this is going to bring. It's a level of concern that I think authorities the likes of Flavor Your Life can empathize with.

If it's a matter of deciding which oil types are best for you, there are ways to make the process simpler for you. It goes without saying that checking out the labels is the optimal choice because all of the details are there for you in text form. Make sure that the oil is certified, though, so that you know you're getting it from a trusted source. However, if no such details exist for your eyes to take in, then smelling the oil to determine its pungency and overall scent can work nicely.

There are a number of smells that you could associate with this type of oil, one of them being a fresher one because of a presence of fruitier scents. These aspects of olive oil are important and, thereby, shouldn't be altered due to any synthetic properties. One could make the argument that these properties are utilized in order to make the oil better in the long run. To me, though, they detract from the oil and make it less of a worthwhile investment.

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