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Monday, January 13, 2014

Double Chocolate Biscotti Is A Nice Treat

By Marissa Velazquez

Enjoying a drink while visiting a coffeehouse or bookstore is common for many who come to relax or browse the selection. While some visitors like to have something that is consistent with a light meal, others like to go straight to dessert. One dessert that is very popular with coffee drinkers is double chocolate biscotti.

For some, there is a mystery about biscotti such as how is it eaten or why must it remain hard. Many types of biscotti have a different consistency but have the same great taste. The main reason that some are hard is so that they can be dipped in a hot beverage. However, some people find that it also tastes great with iced coffee or a cold glass of chocolate milk.

These are sold at grocery stores, discount retailers, and coffee shops that sell a wide variety of beverages to satisfy any appetite. Many of these drinks do not contain as much caffeine as coffee or have a lighter taste for anyone who does not want to have anything with a strong taste. They are also ideal for relaxing while listening to music or shopping for books.

One thing that coffee shops sell is different varieties of tea. Tea selection ranges from green to herbal to white, there are many types from which to choose and some that have no caffeine at all. Whether it is enjoyed hot or cold, tea can also provide drinkers with many health benefits, such as antioxidants.

One tea that has been popular for many years as well as versatile is Chai. This spicy black tea blend uses different spices like cinnamon, clove, and honey to create a pleasant drinking experience. Some people like to add almond, chocolate, and vanilla flavors to achieve a multitude of flavors.

Many of these retailers serve hot chocolate but it is not to be confused with the same instant drink that many people had when they were growing up. Drinking chocolate is an entirely different experience as it has a thicker consistency and is richer than hot chocolate. The process of making it is also different as cocoa chunks are melted before being mixed with milk.

Visitors may try other drinks with their biscotti like hot apple cider or seasonal drinks like eggnog. Biscotti is great for those who may have a sweet craving but are not inclined to have a pastry or something else that is higher in calories and fat. Another fact is that biscotti does not make as much mess as desserts that have cream, fruit, or are covered in frosting.

The next time a person visits their favorite coffeehouse or bookstore, they should try having a biscotti with a hot or cold beverage. They will find that the sweet taste is subtle and find the crunchy consistency a contrast to the dipped portion that has flavors of the beverage inside. Although many people love to eat double chocolate biscotti, there are many flavors that can be found in stores as well as online.

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