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Thursday, December 19, 2013

I Dont Know How To Cook But Want To Learn

By Harriett Crosby

To obtain true mastery over the art of cooking you first have to put the notion "I dont know how to cook" aside but to understand appetite and where the instinct comes from. The knowledge of this goes a long way to forming an understanding and a general theory of cooking as an art.

Control over the experience of the food we eat belongs to a series of nerves in our tongue; The Umami, Sweet, Bitter, Sour and Salt Receptors. The mixing of these flavors in varying ways generates the taste that you feel when you eat something. It is impressive how complicated the human body is.

The Savory taste is experienced through the Umami Receptor. The taste could be added to a meal through Mushrooms, Soy Sauce & Tomatoes. That delicious savory flavor can be added to your meal by using these ingredients. The Sour flavor does not go very well with the Umami flavor.

The Sweet taste can be activated by common Sugar through the Sweet Receptor and is found in most dinner tables across the planet. Humans beings create glucose by conversion from sugar. Every cell in the body needs glucose but it will already come in the food that you are cooking in the form of Carbohydrates.

Activated by Salt the Salt Receptor detects salt in foods that we eat. Salt is needed by every living thing in the world. Oceans are extremely heavy in salt and pure salt usually comes from extraction from seawater.

The Sour taste is provoked by Lemon & Vinegar interaction with our Sour Receptors. The sour taste could be a defense mechanism warding against spoiled food. Vinegar can be used for frying where Lemon is used for mostly vegetable based meals. The Sour flavor conflicts with the Umami flavor and so it is preferable to pick one or the other.

The Salt taste is activated by Salt Receptor. Salt is used in every creature in every creature on the planet. The oceans are heavy in salt that is then extracted out of the water. Everything contains salt and so even if what you ate was not salted it still had salt anyways.

The tastes that you experience seem to be a Swash of the different receptors that are active at a time and based upon the activity, different tastes are experienced. From the taste buds an electrical signal is sent up the nerves and into the brain where this rainbow of tastes is all put together. Every different spice has an effect on taste of a meal in some way.

There can be no limit to what you can create if you put yourself in the mindset of some of the most amazing chefs. They keep in mind this constant taste balance and have perfected it over the multiple years, usually decades. Take on a new exciting and innovative recipes or make your own.

You will no longer say "I dont know how to cook" once you master this mix of flavors. The way you make food is determined largely by your experiences of smell & taste. It is important to be able to smell & taste the food before you even have begun. Now you should understand more about how the masters of cooking do it and you no longer will you say "I don't know how to cook".

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