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Saturday, November 2, 2013

How Elders Could Reap The Benefits Of Olive Oil

By Rob Sutter

When you start to climb up in terms of age, it seems like you have to keep better tabs on the things that you eat. Your diet is one of the most important aspects of your life, especially when you start to reach your 50's or 60's. These are the points where what you done in the past is going to impact you the most, the way that I see it. This means that you're going to have to build a diet with better components, the benefits of olive oil potentially being included.

I don't think that many people can say anything against the benefits of olive oil, especially when a much older audience is taken into account. The oil has a number of purposes and it can be done throughout cooking and even a simple dressing can prove to be quite useful as well. These methods will most definitely be the ones worth utilizing in the long run. Authorities like Flavor Your Life can tell you more about this strong component as well, the information proving to be valuable.

According to the Olive Oil Times, a study was uncovered thanks to the Archives of Gerontology and Geriatrics. It placed 62 individuals - each of them between 65 and 96 years of age - into two separate groups. One of the groups was able to continue on with their diets while the other would go on to utilize EVOO, more specifically daily rounds of 50ml each. I was especially interested in how this would go and, more importantly, what the results would wind up displaying.

This would persist for a period of six weeks until the groups would eventually return and the results would be calculated. According to such outcomes, the group which utilized the EVOO saw fewer instances of high cholesterol, which is one positive to associate with it. However, the "good cholesterol" in the body - given the name HDL - was high, which helps even more. With antioxidants being at greater levels as well, it's apparent that the alternate group benefitted immensely thanks to the usage of this healthful type of oil.

It's amazing what a simple usage of the benefits of olive oil can do for people. I think that it can do even further, though, as evidenced by the Mediterranean diet and the components which it has. I believe that those who are older can make use of the most healthful properties imaginable, including but not limited to produce which should be fresh. It's apparent that eating healthier has to be done and I have confidence that this particular diet is the way to go.

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