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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Finding The Best Cupcakes In Reston VA

By Mia Kent

Every party needs really great cake. No matter weather it is a child's first birthday or a large family reunion, serving beautifully decorated and delicious cupcakes in Reston VA is an essential part of the event. Guests will always remember really outstanding cakes that have been specially made for the occasion.

The idea of a cup cake was born when bakers realized that there are many occasions when people do not want a full sized cake. Children's birthday parties were the perfect opportunity to try out the new idea. Instead of having one big cake and having to cup it into portions, the host could simply hand out an individual cake to each child. The other advantage was that more than one flavor or icing could also be offered.

A local bakery can help with most cup cake needs. Anyone planning a party or event should meet with the baker well ahead of the event date. This gives them plenty of time to discuss their ideas and requirements. Some clients have a very clear idea of what they want, whilst others are not so sure. A good baker will take time to sit down and discuss all the options and requirements. There may be special dietary needs to take into consideration, or maybe a color scheme for a wedding. Whatever the occasion it is vital to spend time getting everything just right.

Almost as popular as vanilla is a delicious chocolate cup cake. Yet there is not just one type of chocolate, but many variations on this wonderful flavor. A rich German chocolate mixture can be teamed with mocha frosting to make a memorable treat. A lighter milk chocolate is also very popular and can be served as a delightful party treat.

A holiday party is also a wonderful occasion to serve custom made cup cakes. Winter colors such as red, green or even white make a bold and eye catch statement for the table. Many people add some natural features such as holly branches and berries to really make a festive scene. The cake batter can easily be dyed to any color the customer desires to match their own special theme. The taste of the freshly baked treats will really be a talking point for months to come.

As children get older they still want to celebrate their birthday with friends and family. This presents the perfect opportunity to serve some specially made cup cakes. Older kids are ready to try different flavors and may ask for something unusual such as pistachio or raspberry flavor. Selecting an assortment of flavors and frosting is the best way to meet the needs of every guest.

A fourth of July party is one of the best opportunities to get really creative with cup cakes. The theme of red, white and blue lends itself to endless choices. The cake batter can be produced in the different colors and the frosting mixed and matched to create a unique and beautiful centerpiece for the picnic table. Using fresh fruit is a great way to not only add color but also some delicious flavors too. Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are all in season and easy to find.

A color theme is also an important consideration for any party. The cupcakes in Reston VA can be made in any color or shade to compliment the rest of the gathering. Some of the most typical are shades of green or yellow for a wedding, or a delicate pink or blue for a baby naming ceremony.

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