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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Elegant And Sophisticated Jura Canada Cafe Makers

By Angel Dudley

If you love coffee, you probably cannot imagine to start your day without your favorite drink. Maybe you drink your cafe with cold milk, or you prefer rich and smooth foam of a good cappuccino. Italian folks always drink simple espresso in the morning, sometimes even ristretto. A real Italian barista takes a really good care of his cafe maker, and uses only the best ones. You can also have a real Italian espresso in your own kitchen, if you get one of Jura Canada excellent cafe makers.

All Jura coffee machines are Swiss made, designed to provide absolute perfection. People who demand the highest standards choose professional technology and Swiss precision they can always rely on. All products are made of highest quality materials, elegantly designed and dependable. Easy to operate, they provide absolute satisfaction to your palate.

Different lines suit different tastes, but they all provide ultimate pleasure to all cafe lovers. Giga line represents high quality standards, precision and aesthetics. It offers two heating systems and two grinders, and thanks to that you can make two coffees at once, for example one cappuccino and one ristretto. Extremely quiet performance and 17 individually programmable specialties will surely satisfy you.

Impressa Z line One touch model made of aluminum offers eleven cafe specialties. Nicely designed and fully adjustable model is easy to operate thanks to very nice, elegantly designed display. Very useful height adjustable spout can come very handy when preparing your cappuccinos, but whatever specialty you prefer, you will be more than satisfied with the result.

Impressa J9 One touch TFT is available in two appealing variants, chrome and brilliant silver. This automatic cafe maker prepares the full range of cafe specialties, from latte macchiato to espresso without you having to move the cup. It looks great and prepares professional quality cafe.

Ena line represents small and compact cafe makers designed for small kitchens and offices. Ena 9 One touch model is extremely easy to operate. All you need is to touch the button, and your coffee will be prepared. Adjustable spout uses fine foam technology for preparing incredibly light and smooth foam on your cappuccino, and you can prepare it in a glass.

Ena line also offers Ena Micro 9 One touch model, and this one is surely the smallest, professionally efficient one touch cafe maker you can find. Compact and durable, small enough to fit in any kitchen, this lovely machine is beautifully designed and able to make a perfect cafe delight. It is easy to use, but highly efficient, and offers a wide range of different types of drinks, including ristretto and cappuccino.

If you prefer classics, Impressa F50 Classic will fulfill all your expectations. New and improved model has four programmable preparation buttons, simple navigation using user guidance concept and intelligent pre brew aroma system. Thanks to Jura's patented zero energy switch, it doesn't consume any energy when in standby mode.

Jura Canada coffee machines offer elegant design, sophisticated technology and ultimate quality. Your favorite aromatic drink will be prepared at the touch of a button. Using innovative technological solutions and high quality materials, Jura machines are designed to last. If you love coffee, and enjoy preparing it at home, you should definitely choose on of these lovely machines.

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