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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What To Consider When Decorating A Birthday Cake Raleigh

By Dawn Williams

One can decorate cakes properly to surprise their friends and family or send a certain message during a special event. It is the desire for everybody to celebrate their anniversaries, birthdays, weddings or other occasions uniquely. Today, holding such celebrations is not only for the rich but everyone in the community as there are materials and function ideas affordable to people of different budgets. All you need is to get the right materials and go creative in your event. Here are tips on decorating a birthday cake Raleigh residents can adopt to make their day outstanding.

There are various features affecting the product when it comes to cakes. You do not use same decoration procedures for different shapes, icing patterns and others as these will greatly affect the outcome of your work. This makes it necessary to look at the cake shape, icing requirements, and other patterns.

Today, people use their ideas to decorate cakes in a unique way. You do not have to choose the same model always. Common shapes are rectangular and round, but there are thousands of moulds in the market one can use to attain a unique design. Other than decoration and inclusion of a personal message, choosing a unique shape will come as a great surprise to your guests.

Visit your nearest home supplies store and find out what moulds they may have. Do not ignore this step in your preparation for baking as you will be amazed at the number of unique shapes they may have for you to choose from. On-line shops can also afford you various moulds at a fair price. If placing your orders on-line, make sure to do that in good time so that the seller may ship it to you before the D-day.

Make sure to think about consistency in icing. Cakes with inconsistent icing make it hard for decorations to adhere. When choosing the various items or preparing to bake, master some of the things that can affect consistency in icing. The ingredients, equipment, humidity and temperatures are some of such factors. Balance these rightly to get the best outcome in your baking and thus, icing.

Every baker should know various tips that can help improve the quality of their decorations depending on the kind of icing. For a thin icing, one may need to add sugar to make it thicker. With birthday cakes, a thin icing is suitable for writing and printing your messages since it can flow freely through the piping bag creating outstanding lettering.

Other types of icing include thick and medium, all used for different decoration situations. If drawing flowers with upright petals like sweet peas, carnation and roses or creating string work, you will need a thick icing otherwise the flower may drop. Medium icing is the best when decorating cakes with borders, flowers with flat petals and stars, among others. Choose the icing correctly depending on the patterns you want to achieve.

To have a beautiful birthday cake Raleigh dwellers can purchase items from shops and bake from their homes. This is not only a way to save money, but also, gives one an opportunity to showcase their skills. You can create any design you want emphasizing on your personal taste and preference even during such an important day.

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