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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Research On Fresh Hydroponic Lettuce In Alaska

By Freda Watts

A study on fresh hydroponic lettuce in Alaska gives farming a better approach. Farming is the source of food to many countries in the world. Foods that are grown by people in their farms is highly preferred than those that are made by use of chemicals.

Hydroponic is a new development in agriculture and can also be referred to as aquiculture. It is the practice of growing plants especially vegetables on water whereby the water acts as a reservoir of the nutrients used by the plant hence acting like the soil. This is a scientific practice since mineral requirements of the plant are dissolved in the right quantity and the plants absorbs them as if they were in the soil without drying up.

With this production, the region does not buy from outside any more since it produces their own. There are many factors which made it possible for the practice to be successful. The need to have used this practice and the importance of the same are discussed herein as below.

The region was is not conducive for the normal growing of crops for many reasons. The topography of the extensive areas in this state cannot allow for fresh hydroponic lettuce in Alaska growth of these crops. The weather also is usually very cold making it impossible for luctuca sativa to mature. Due to this reason no production of this vegetable which is consumed by many would be produced.

These plants are in high demand in the market and therefore they are a source of income. A lot of people are employed to work in the greenhouse for the success of the planting. Like any other farming this farming should be taken seriously and supported by the government.

This practice of aquiculture leads to reduction in effects which come with pests and diseases to a great extent and also soil fatigue. Since planting is done on the waters, this means no weeds to require herbicides and share nutrients with the plant. This is unlike soils which contain other plants which compete for nutrients with the plants being planted. The question of land fatigue or exhaustion is a forgotten case since soil medium is never used.

Since the region can produce its own, it is able to meet the consumers while the plant is still fresh. If they were to buy from other states, the vegetables could spoil on the way and lose the quality they have. Keep in mind the plant is perishable, and so it would lose freshness even during transportation.

Therefore fresh hydroponic lettuce in Alaska is useful to the state. It is able to meet demand in the market and while fresh. This is possible due to the aquiculture practice.

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